Cairene Pferd Händler Griechischer Araber Orientalismus Jean Leon Gerome

Agnolo Bronzino Kunst is one of rokoko (also written in European languages ​​rococo or roccoco; pronounced [rəˈkoʊkoʊ], [roʊkəˈkoʊ]) also means "Late Baroque" ("Late Baroque") is an 18th-century style that developed when Baroque artists abandoned the symmetrical style and began add flowers, plants and other games. The smoking rooms are designed as total art works with elegant furnishings of flowers and plants, small sculptures, mirrored ornaments, and rugs complete with colorful architecture, reliefs and wall paint. This style was largely replaced by the Neoclassical style. In 1835 the Dictionary of the French Academy wrote the word Rococo "usually including the types of ornaments, designs related to Louis XV's reign and the beginnings of Louis XVI ".This includes all kinds of artwork created in the mid-18th century in France.

The word Rokoko comes from the combination of the French word rocaille, which means stone, and coquilles, which means shells, because of attachment to objects from the decoration motif. The term rokoko can be interpreted as a mixture of the word "barocco" (regular form of pearl, possibly derived from the word "baroque") and the French word "rocaille" (a popular form of garden and interior ornamentation using decorative shells and gravel), and they can double to explain the subtle and beautiful style that became fashionable in Europe during the 18th century. Because the Rokoko style likes and focuses on decorative art, some critics use this term to imply that the style is reckless or just fashionable. When this term began for use in England around 1836, it became a colloquial meaning "outdated ".In fact, this style received harsh criticism, and for some as something superficial and inferior, because the mid-19th century, the term was accepted by art historians. Despite this there is still debate about the historical influence of this art in general, Rokoko is now widely termed as great period in enhancing European art. Source form Wikipedia

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